Compared? Then standout!

Please¬†choose your competitor wisely. Don’t compare yourself with any human being or a Company (if you are a business man). Most people around respond to public opinion and not what they are designed for. You can NEVER rise above your competitor. Search for nature as your rival. For example, if you are selling soft drinks, compete with water to quench thirst. Improve on your mistakes and learn on how to respond to people’s need. Sooner or later, the world will celebrate you.

Learn to think differently. Different is good and it show that you are full of ideas…


Speak Up (Tell HIM)

There many things you go through that you find difficult to tell anyone. you cannot let your closest friend in on it neither can you mention a fraction of it to your parent. These things you go through might be mental or emotional, a constant feeling or i dare say fear.

Fear of mistakes made or decisions yet to be made, fear of what is known and unknown, fear of what might become of you in the nearest future. These things weigh on you and deprive you of the inner peace your soul desires. Your mind is clouded with uncertainty, you can not open up to anyone because you think they cannot understand you let alone offer a solution to the problem.You have the constant feeling of being mocked. True to your thoughts you might be mocked, but hey, why not give it a try363

Alas, there is one person you can trust and believe me your secret remains safe with Him and He has all the solution to your problems and always ready to give you the comfort you desire to be secured. HE IS JESUS.

Many of us find it difficult to take our burden to Him because we lack faith. We just don’t believe that He cares for even the most irrelevant aspect of our lives. He loves us.

This is how you reach out to Him, accept Him. believe Him and set yourself loose before Him withholding nothing. Then abide by His words and He will give up rest